CRISTINA LILIENFELD studied choreography and psychology, constantly looking for the meeting point of these two disciplines.

  In recent years she has collaborated and continues to work with various choreographers and dancers and with a series of visual artists and musicians as part of several interdisciplinary artistic groups.

  Her performances “Lay(ers), “They’re Not All Heroes”, “Valiant Deeds “,” Really – show for children “,” Moving Fields”, “Eighty Five Percent Of What You Remember” as well as numerous shows in which she dances: “Alienation or the Desire for Intimacy” by Benno Voorham, “A Truth, A Lie And A List Of Possibilities” by Andreea Novac,“ Group Choreography” by Mihaela Alexandra Dancs, “The Great Scheme of Things” – concert / performance by Fierbinteanu, or which she choreographed: “In Body” (chamber opera) on music composed by Diana Rotaru, “Dancer In The Dark” – The Hungarian Theater Timișoara, etc. continue to be presented on stages in Bucharest, nationally and internationally.

  In 2016 she was part of the Dance Roads program through which she traveled to five European countries presenting the show Lay(ers). She has collaborated in a multitude of projects with choreographers such as: Cosmin Manolescu, Mihaela Alexandra Dancs, Benno Voorham, Mădălina Dan, Andreea Novac, Andreea Belu, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Virginia Negru etc., with visual artists: Dilmana Yordanova, Mihaela Kavdanska, Alina Ușurelu etc., musicians: Diana Rotaru, Irinel Anghel, Vlaicu Golcea, Kamer Art, LeVant, Fierbinteanu etc., writers: Răzvan Țupa, Andra Rotaru, as well as with numerous actors and directors.

  In the last few years she has traveled and worked in countries such as: Portugal, Ghana, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Serbia, USA, Luxembourg. From 2015 to 2020 she was an active member of the PETEC Association, an organization that supports various interdisciplinary projects created for all age groups (more information:

  Cristina seeks, both in her artistic activity and in the contemporary dance workshops and classes she teaches to create authenticity in any situation she comes in contact with (

  She is currently a co-founding member of the AREAL Collective – space for choreographic development (, which will open a new studio / space dedicated to contemporary dance in Bucharest in 2021. You can find out more about Cristina’s activity on Facebook: and Instagram

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  • Grand Prize at ALT National Choreography Competition – 2013 for the show Lay(ers)
  • The award for best performer at The National Theater and Cinematography University – the Graduate Gala for the show “The Third Person Should Always Be A Stranger” concept and choreography Ruxandra Enache 2014
  • National Center for Dance Bucharest award offered in 2020 for independent artists


I think that dance can be understood much better if we look at it using those mirror neurons on which neuroscientists have written many articles that connect very easily to a kind of kinesthetic empathy. Also, once we shift our focus to “how this form / movement / being I see touches me”, giving up searching for narratives, I think the process of truly enjoying a dance show flows smoother.” (Read more…)


“Usually, I start from one direction and try to figure the structure along the way. It seems to me the most honest option. Every time I worked with a predetermined scenario, as I did during school, I can say that it didn’t work out very well for me” (Read more…)


“The projects that made the most sense for me and, as far as I can see, for the audience are the ones that are related to something that affects me personally. Of course, this does not mean that I ignore the socio-cultural or political context in which we live. No way. But when I extract information from something that bothers me on a personal level, I manage to guide the exploration process more efficiently, whether I’m working on a solo or a group piece” (Read more..)



“The interrogation launched by Cristina Lilienfeld is of maximum interest for the visual arts, because the visual arts cannot reach a similar result too soon without the dance instruments.” (Igor Mocanu, researcher, curator) (Read more…)


“Lay (ers) gives us a lesson in kindness, vulnerability and tenderness. It gives us a context for meditation, it exposes us, even if we have our clothes attached, but the vulnerability obviously comes from a different source than the naked body. ” (Revista Arte şi meserii – Silvia Cazacu)


“Moving Fields is full of threads, both physical and emotional. The stage is a rather technological space – moving bodies are corpuscles activated by the energy around them. Tensions are released at the meeting of two corpuscles and the world looks like a defective kaleidoscope. In this process the leaves come to life and the light turns into sound because in an experimental show everything is possible! ” (Lorin Coryllus) (Read more…)


“Valiant Deeds” is the smartest show for children I saw in 2015. It is a show woven with the finesse and subtlety of an embroidery in which the threads of fear are broken, whimpered, laughed out loud and released. An elaborate montage of everyday fears, intensely experienced by children and parents.” (Mihaela Michailov, critic, playwright) (Citește mai mult…)


“I’ve never seen anything like it before. It is a successful experiment. What convinced us to include it in the festival’s program was the reaction of the children, who watched the fascinated dance moments, who enjoyed every interaction.” (Magda Coroiu, FITC project coordinator)


“The theme of the performance “They’re Not All Heroes” was amazing, conceived by Cristina Lilienfeld and Smaranda Găbudeanu. Even if their success is just a drop in the ocean of hatred and intolerance, it is still a success. So it’s possible, no matter how hard it is. ” (Liana Tugearu, dance critic)