Through Capilar/revisited, Cristina Lilienfeld (choreography), Anca Elena (music) and Răzvan Țupa (poetry) propose the route of communication between you and the other. The three artists bring you, each by the means of their own field, an exploration of how we are in contact with one another – from encounter to intimacy, phantasms and ultimately communion. Even when others could still be you.

Capilar is based on the meeting between 3 artists from different disciplines, who came together in the passion for the poetry of the Portuguese Fernando Pessoa. The 3 disciplines (music, dance, poetry) enter into dialogue, feeding each other in a syncretic performance.

In 2017, the choreographer Cristina Lilienfeld and the poet Razvan Tupa met for the first time and collaborated in the dance-literature project, organized by the Gabriela Tudor Foundation on the anniversary of 20 years of activity. In 2019 Cristina and Răzvan had a residency offered by the Gabriela Tudor Foundation in partnership with Forum Danca in Lisbon, where they researched together different methods of approaching Pessoa’s poetry while deepening different methods of communication as well as a concept older of their work: mirroring in the other. The project continued to develop in 2022 at the AREAL choreographic development space, in a new format that incorporates live music in addition to dance and poetry.

The Capilar/revisited interdisciplinary performance will take place at the AREAL space – Space for choreographic development.