Between 2014 – 2019 Cristina collaborated with Irinel Anghel (allround artist) ,like:

The show “Luna”, created during the interdisciplinary residency “Artis(n)est”  (Tescani/Bacau/ZonaD) and presented in October at CNDB as part of E-Motional – Rethinking Dance Program.


  • “All Inclusive”, “Back to the Future”,“Muzele de la muzeu”, “Aeroportul Oniria” și “Zoopera” presented at George Enescu Museum București,
  • “Caged  Birds” presented during the Fringe Festival in București at Un Teatru,
  • “Where’s Your  Freedom” presented at Casa Radio, Bucuresti,
  • “Apartamentul lui Barbă Albastră”
  • Dollcore Doll-Hall in Doll Moll – Teatrul Apollo 111

The second couplet: a solo of “mad saxophone” (as described by Irinel Anghel) supported by Felix (Călin Torsan, in the hall) animates the puppets in the hall, on a background of glossolalia (Nina – Irinel, on stage). We notice the two adorable electric “cheerleaders” who dance spasmodically – animated animators overwhelmed by glittering ribbons, a kind of colorful pom-pom that came to life: Smaranda Găbudeanu (Mona) and Cristina Lilienfeld (Vicky)..” (Diana Rotaru review at Dollcore Doll-Hall in Doll Moll”) (Read more…)